Cummins Turbo Technology System

Cummins Turbo technology system (Cummins Turbo Technologies), former British hall Seth engineering co., LTD., founded in 1952, is now known as in 2006), is a wholly owned subsidiary, Cummins, design, manufacturing more than three liters of diesel and natural gas engines full series of turbochargers and related products, mainly used in commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, mining equipment, Marine power and generator sets, and other fields, is the world's leading manufacturers of the turbocharger.

Cummins turbo technology systems is headquartered in the UK city of huddersfield, west Yorkshire, the production base in the UK, Brazil, China, the Netherlands, India and the United States, the UK and China also has a research and development center, wuxi.

Cummins turbo technology system for cummins engine not only, also supply to other international diesel engine manufacturers, the main global cooperation customers include daimlerchrysler, fiat, Volvo, scania, India's tata and weichai, sinotruk, dongfeng and faw China.

In 1996, both sides of the cooperation to a new stage, the joint venture togetherWuxi hall Seth engineering technology co., LTD(February 2007Officially changed its name to wuxi cummins turbo technologies co., LTD)。

Joint venture more than a decade, wuxi cummins turbo technology company has developed into China's leading enterprise in the industry of the turbocharger, the joint venture company relying on the parent company powerful technical strength to cummins turbo technology system, constantly increase the intensity of local research and development, established the British headquarters outside the only overseas in wuxi technology center, strive to satisfy customers in China to medium-duty growing demand of the turbocharger.In addition to the supply cummins, wuxi cummins turbo technologies also with sinotruk, yuchai, faw tin firewood, weichai, such as domestic large wood and dongfeng main diesel engine enterprise established strategic cooperation, for domestic emissions of the engine for a new generation of upgrading technology and products provides a strong support.Local production of Seth turbocharger hall also exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, including Volvo, scania, Atlantis, komatsu, cummins, doosan and Daimler, international famous engine manufacturers supporting.

In April 2006, cummins and wuxi power further deepen cooperation,Teamed up to form the second joint venture between the two sides - wuxi ruud van nistelrooy, engineering co., LTD, the production of key components of the turbocharger.

In March 2007, wuxi cummins turbo technologies co., LTD200 ten thousand units turbocharger officially offline 。

In June 2008, cummins turbo technology system isDeveloping new upsurge in China - wuxi cummins turbo technology companies to complete the second phase of expansion, parts enterprises ruud van nistelrooy, the company officially opened and put into operation, the new technology center was unveiled .In July, three million sets of the supercharger.

In December 2009, wuxi cummins turbo technologiesThe four millionth supercharger rolled off the production line

In October 2010, wuxi cummins turbo technologies co., LTDThe five millionth supercharger rolled off the production line.During the same month, released at the Beijing motor show match 2 to 5 litres of new series of diesel engine turbocharger, for the completion of the company's products, market position and development has important strategic significance.

In March 2011, wuxi cummins turbo technologies and general manager Chen, cummins elvin miller was awarded.On April 13, wuxi cummins turbo technologies signed a contract with the government set up the second factory in wuxi.In November, the technology center of expansion.

Ten thousand ten thousand supercharger logoff. Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of cummins turbo technology. Introduction of synchronous business processes to ensure that each business process is consistent with the established strategy.Won the title of "2012 top ten enterprises in wuxi city, the annual research and development center.Was awarded the domestic authority of corporate social responsibility awards: 2012 gold bees "golden bees. Shortlisted for the enterprise" for cummins global security milestone in the gold medal in 2012, the first article VG assembly line production.

800 ten thousand supercharger
Won the award for cummins, President of environmental management and environmental best practices
The ten best companies won the wuxi new district environmental protection and environmental social responsibility award
The second factory ground-broken projects

The second factory opened
Nine million supercharger
Won the wuxi new district excellent enterprise honor
Environmental public welfare year award
Fulfill social responsibility in wuxi city, won the outstanding enterprises honor

The 150 series supercharger

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company, pp. Ten thousand ten thousand supercharger


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